The Artist

South Australian Artist Susie Ruehlemann uses a prophetic style of painting capturing imagery from dreams and visions onto canvas. The Artist has a passion to produce Art with purpose. The intent is to create living art that resonates deeply in the heart of the viewer, delivering keys that unlock layers of revelation as they continue to connect with the piece. She strongly believes that each piece that is painted has pre-appointed owners. People resonate, and are drawn to, certain paintings that were destined for their possession. Testimonies from those who have purchased the prints have been profound, as people continue to journey the revelation released through her prophetic artwork.

Prophetic Words

Each painting comes with the prophetic word that was received during the dream and during the painting of each piece. The prophetic word will be emailed as a PDF document.
Personally signed limited canvas prints are available to purchase. (Available in Australia only). These have relevant scripture references written by the artist on the frame on the reverse side of the print. The laminated prophetic word, personally signed by the artist is also included with each autographed print. The pricing and shipping costs of these specialty prints are available by emailing admin@ariseartproject.com.

Personally signed limited canvas prints are also on display and are available for purchase at,
City of Dreams Art Gallery
17a Augusta Street,
Maylands, SA 5069

Art with a Mission

The Arise Art Project was birthed out of a dream and it is the Artists desire to see this dream manifest on earth. The Arise Art Project has a deep passion to help bring rebirth, renaissance and revival to the creativity sphere of influence in society, with the goal of not only unlocking truth in the heart of the beholder, but to move with Christ-like compassion, to impact communities around the world who are in need.

As such, we have a passion to help alleviate human suffering by sowing proceeds from each sale into missions arms that move in truth and help liberate hurting people all over the world.

This includes supporting outreaches involved in nutritious feeding and clean water programs in undeveloped countries, anti human trafficking programs, disaster relief, medical aid, prison ministry and various missions. Countries impacted include but are not limited to, South America, Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar (Burma) where men, women and children’s lives are being radically transformed by these various outreach programs, that impact orphanages, schools, refugee camps and other communities in need.

vehement 5
For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.

– Matthew 25:35-36 Holy Bible NKJV –